Fancy Escapes is a full-service travel agency that is here for all your travel needs. Whether planning a destination wedding, honeymoon, solo trip, or family vacation, we can help. We offer a highly personalized service to our clients who love to explore the world. We are planners! Our itineraries are meticulously planned with you in mind leaving no details untouched. We work with the best suppliers to make your travel dreams come true. Are you ready for your next escape?


Destination Weddings

Are you dreaming of getting married in a lush tropical setting? The Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, and Hawaii are the focus of our destinations. Let us help you plan your dream wedding. As a certified wedding planner and travel advisor, I can be as involved as you need me to be in the process, from booking your travel arrangements for you and all your guests to coordinating the wedding. 

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Group Travel

There's no doubt, the planning of group travel is a massive feat. From settling on a destination to returning home, hours of research are before you. Which facility can provide activities all will enjoy? Which is known for its excellent group service? And, once there, what will be the best tours for the group? How will transportation be arranged? And this doesn't even touch on arranging travel for so many or addressing pitfalls along the way. It doesn't take long to realize that your vacation is becoming a job, and for precisely this reason, you should turn to a group travel specialist. We are trained, educated, and experienced in making group travel feel effortless, ensuring a vacation that's relaxing for everyone, and saving your time. Let us manage the details of your group travel from start to finish.

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Romance Travel

Are you planning a honeymoon, romantic trip, or engagement trip? We can help!

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Disney Vacations

If you are overwhelmed planning a Disney trip, we can help. Let us take the stress out of planning a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation, which can be a complicated and overwhelming task.

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Family Vacations

Family travel isn't just day trips to the beach and theme parks. There's so much involved to make sure your trip is planned according to everyone's needs. Our itineraries consider a wider variety of destinations, price points with larger accommodations, activities geared toward all ages, and services catering to individual needs, making it possible for everyone to have fun.

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Vacations are supposed to be fun. Don't let the stress of planning a trip get you down. We can save you time and money. Our expertise and relationship with credible suppliers, along with excellent customer service, will get you on your way to planning your next best escape.

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Our Services Include


Cruises offer a wide variety of destinations, culinary options, ship sizes, and more. There are so many choices to choose from, so whether you are looking to experience your first cruise or an experienced cruiser, we are ready to deliver an experience to your particular personality.


Are you planning a weekend getaway, overnight stay, or a ten-day trip? Whether traveling domestically or abroad, we have the most appealing options for you, from high-end hotels to all-inclusive resorts and more.


We want to make your trip seamless from beginning to end. We can add air to your vacation package.

Car Rentals

Depending on your stay, you may find you need a rental car to get around town. Add a rental car to your itinerary and take advantage of great rates from the rental companies you know and love.

Tours/Shore Excursions/Activities

The options are endless! From leisure to adventure, budget to luxury, guided or unguided, we've got you covered.

Discover and book tours and activities

Explore thousands of experiences that include single-day tours, activities, shore excursions, transfers, and multi-day trips worldwide. You can book them on your own before and while at the destination. Click the button above. 


Travel Insurance

Due to the nature of travel these days, we strongly encourage you to add travel insurance to your itinerary to protect your investment.

Vacation Rentals/Villas

Are you in need of a vacation rental? From villas, condos, townhouses to luxury homes with private chefs, we can assist you in finding the perfect home for your next escape.


We are a tribe of people who love to discuss all things travel. Keep up to date with our events, webinars, and hosted trips.


Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Planning Guide - All Inclusive Resorts


The Ladies Who Lunch & Travel Club


"Tamara was extremely helpful during the whole process of booking our wedding trip to Jamaica. She was always there when we needed her. She went above and beyond and we strongly recommend her for all your travel needs." 

Shelly Ann & Ruel - Destination Wedding in Jamaica

"Tamara was amazing! She's well organized and she kept my group informed about things for our trip. I'm definitely looking forward to working with her again!"

Ashley - Trip to Mexico

"My experience with Tamara was great. She was always there to answer all my questions about the trip. She made everything happen. Without her help, my son's Disney Dream wouldn't have come true. Thanks again!"

Jessika - Trip to Disney World

"Our travel agent, Tamara, did a great job reaching out to everyone in my group and ensuring that all payments were made on time. She also informed us about what to expect of our accommodation choice. Overall I would definitely book with this agency again."

Curtis - Trip to Mexico

"Another fantastic trip planned by Tamara! She was terrific to work with, attentive, and very responsive. I will book every vacation with her."

Steevenson - Trip to Punta Cana, DR

"I went on a recent group trip to Punta Cana. The group enjoyed the resort Tamara picked out for us because there was something for everyone to do. The food was excellent, beautiful beach and pools. Tamara was meticulous in her planning, and she cared about our needs and wants. We had a fantastic time, and we will always come to her for our travel needs." 

Mirjo - Trip to Punta Cana

"Friendly and professional services."